Places To See

Many encounters and experiences in Montserrat involve interactions with the island’s outdoor environment and natural history. Not all require a guided tour, and they’ll certainly leave many lasting impressions.

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The Soufrière Hills Volcano

The Soufrière Hills Volcano is a composite volcano characterised by dome-building eruptions. Its last major eruption, prior to the current one, is thought to have been about 400 years ago. The current eruption began in 1995 and continues to the present day. Two-thirds of the island was rendered uninhabitable, with over 50% of the population opting to emigrate to the UK, US and Canada. Enjoy breathtaking views of the summit from safe vantage points, cloud cover permitting.


The deserted town of Plymouth is Montserrat’s star attraction – the only volcanic-buried town in the Americas. Its ghost town feel is attributed to its eerie quiet, the absence of animals and birds, the subtle usurping of the town by the volcanic ash, even in its resting phase. Most poignant are the belongings left behind: in businesses – typewriters, invoices and stationery; in homes – aging toys, cradles, books, clothing. Plymouth is located in the island’s Exclusion Zone (Zone V) and is only accessible with a certified tour guide. Tours & Taxi Association

Montserrat Volcano Observatory (MVO)

The Montserrat Volcano Observatory (MVO) is responsible for scientific monitoring of the Soufrière Hills Volcano. It was established in response to the current volcanic eruption which began in July 1995. A team of experienced scientists and technicians continually monitor the volcano using a variety of techniques, including seismology, ground deformation and gas emissions. A 20 minute video is shown about the eruption of the Soufrière Hills Volcano. There are educational kiosks and a souvenir shop. For further information visit

Jack Boy Hill

Jack Boy Hill serves as the vantage point for panoramic viewing of the volcano, the hidden town of Trants, including what remains of the island’s old airport, and the Atlantic Ocean. Here the landscape is at its grittiest and harshest. An on-site telescope allows you to examine it close up. Although small, the park’s bountiful bougainvillea and seating throughout give it a romantic feel. Make a day of it by planning a picnic or a serenade.

Centre Hills

The Centre Hills forest is home to several globally endangered bird, reptile and plant species. In some cases, the entire population can only be found within this small ecological system. Species near extinction include the Montserrat Oriole, Montserrat Galliwasp, the Mountain Chicken, the Forest Thrush and two bat species – the Yellow-shouldered Bat and White-lined Bat. Eight out of the nine major hiking trails are found in the Centre Hills. Guided tours can be arranged with Scriber’s Adventures and The National Trust.

Hilltop Coffee House and Welcome Centre

If you ever wondered about the pop music scene in the ‘80s, this is a great place to get some interesting stories. So many of the iconic albums from that era were recorded right here in Montserrat at the famed Air Studios. View memorabilia of the artistes like The Police, Stevie Wonder, Sir Elton John, Sir Paul McCartney and Montserrat’s national hero, Arrow, who sang Hot! Hot! Hot! Stop by and spend some time with David Lea over some good coffee or a cold fruit drink. Waffle Saturdays are always a treat!

Bat Cave

From Little Bay, you can either kayak or take a 30 to 50 minute hilly hike to discover the island’s only white sand beach. There is rich coral and marine life that make for good snorkeling. From here, with a tour guide, you can access our colony of Antillean fruit-eating bats. Thousands of bats are on display, divided into two caves: one with females with their young, the other with males. Sounds like a romantic date!

The Montserrat National Trust

The Montserrat National Trust located in Salem is dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of the island’s historical sites and natural environment. It houses a café, gift shop, history centre and library and is home to the island’s botanical garden, which is dedicated to conserving indigenous plants and trees. It also features a nursery, orchid house and medicinal garden. For further information visit

Garibaldi Hill

One of the most breathtaking and dramatic views of the Soufriere Hills Volcano and Plymouth is from atop Garibaldi Hill. From the other side of this high perch you can see Isle’s Bay and Old Road Bay, as well as Old Towne and Salem. Don’t forget your camera!

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Bransby Point

The earliest records that show the existence of a gun battery at Bransby Point were from 1693. Located northwest of the capital, Plymouth, it was destroyed by the French in 1712 in one of their many skirmishes with the British – common at that time in the Caribbean. When Montserrat was restored to Britain in 1783, the French spiked the cannons and destroyed the guardhouse. The battery was never reactivated, but it was restored 200 years later in 1983, only to be damaged again in the volcanic eruptions in 1995 and 1997. Bound on either side by Fox’s Bay and Barton Bay, Bransby Point provides amazing views of Old Towne to the north and Soufrière Hills Volcano and Plymouth to the south.

Barton Bay
Fox’s Bay

National Museum

Located in Little Bay within walking distance from the Ferry Terminal, the Montserrat National Museum displays artefacts and exhibits on the island’s history and culture from the pre-Columbian era to modern day.

Hike to the Petroglyphs

The most amazing thing happened in 2016. Hikers on the Soldier Ghaut Trail discovered Petroglyphs credited to the first known people on Montserrat, the Amerindians. These markings in the rock are thought by archaeologists to be between 1000 and 1500 years old. They are a must see!

Rendezvous Beach Picnic or Party

Enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the island’s only white sandy beach with a nice picnic basket filled with local goodies. Or make a truly magical memory and have a day tailored to suit your desires! Access to the beach is by boat, kayak or a short 30-50 minute hike.

Runaway Ghaut

Montserrat has some of the purest water you can hope to find anywhere. Make a stop at Runaway Ghaut and take a drink of the natural spring water to form that unbroken bond with the Emerald Isle of the Caribbean. Also enjoy a short 10-minute hike to explore the flora and fauna, just beyond the seats. Rent a car or ask your taxi driver to make sure you get to live the legend.

Day of Discovery

This tour lasts 6-7 hours, and it is a fabulous way to see Montserrat for a day or to begin your holiday. In addition to the regular guided tour, your guide will show you other points of interest at your request. The tour includes admission to the Montserrat Volcano Observatory and the National Museum, complimentary drinks and door to door service from your accommodations.