There’s something sexy about an ebony sand beach that’s not always easy to describe. All but one of Montserrat’s beaches boast an unusual colour palette ranging from sparkling black to different shades of gray. Now…picture yourself on one of these beaches with the gentle waves lapping at your feet.


A gorgeous, long stretch of beach that starts just beyond Isle’s Bay to the north up to Bransby Point in the south. At one end, you can see Old Towne in the distance, and at the other, the Plymouth pier. Even though this beach borders (but is outside of) the Exclusion Zone, it’s still a favourite for many.


Formerly a popular spot where fishermen from Salem and Cork Hill came to catch and sell fish, it is ideal for swimming. Shaded seating also makes it a good group picnic spot. Grab a specialty pizza or order the beer battered fish ’n chips at Isle’s Bay Beach Bar before you go. A perfect end to a wonderful day.


This small beach is good for shore dives and sea turtle watching. The walk thru the picnic area under the almond trees to approach the beach is just as breathtaking.


Great for stand-up paddle (SUP), kayaking and snorkeling and the added bonus of being just next to the always lively Marine Village, with its restaurants and bars.


As its name suggests this beach was newly created as a result of the volcanic activity near Bottomless Ghaut – Nature in all her awesome glory! Getting to it is a bit of an adventure, as you’d have to climb down a rocky slope leading to the beach. Currents are usually strong here so it’s not the best swimming option.


This is the ivory to the other beaches’ ebony – Montserrat’s only white sand beach. It’s accessible by kayak or a short hike from Little Bay, but it’s so worth it. Plentiful schools of fish and a vibrant reef make here a fun time for snorkelers, or if you’re not that inclined, a beach picnic or chilling out with your favourite book is just as enjoyable.


Although this is a fairly large stretch of beach, it’s still an intimate setting where you can chill out by yourself or with someone special. The reef makes for great swimming and snorkeling – but the currents can be strong at times, so don’t venture out too far, especially if you’re not a good swimmer. The sea turtles like it here too and they come to nest between May and December. There are two barbecue grills at the facilities overlooking the beach, so you can have a fun-filled day with the entire family. And if you’d like to rent the entire beach house for a special event:
Montserrat National Trust

There are no lifeguards on duty at our beaches, so always use caution when entering the water and always look out for the little ones.

Fun fact!

Ebony & Ivory sung by Stevie Wonder & Sir Paul McCartney was recorded right here in Montserrat at the famous Air Studios!