Explore Montserrat

Arts & Craft

Montserrat’s history and culture is proudly reflected in its rich tapestry of art and craft. This can be seen in our national wear that features the madras fabric and is symbolic of our African and Irish heritage. Local artisans create amazing pieces from the calabash fruit and other materials, while our painters and sculptors are inspired by nature and the magnificent views available from almost anywhere on the island.

Bar Hopping

Montserrat’s bar scene can be anyway you’d like it to be. Enjoy a quiet drink with friends, where you can chat the night away or try to solve the world’s problems. Or groove to the pulsating rhythms of soca, reggae, dance hall or merengue until the wee hours of the morning.


There’s something sexy about an ebony sand beach that’s not always easy to describe. All but one of Montserrat’s beaches boast an unusual colour palette ranging from sparkling black to different shades of gray. Now…picture yourself on one of these beaches with the gentle waves lapping at your feet.

Bird & Turtle Watching

Despite its small size, Montserrat has a wide variety of bird habitats, which increases the range of species found on the island. The Centre Hills are of significant global importance and is one of the best places to go birdwatching in the Eastern Caribbean. Heading the winged cast of characters is the Montserrat Oriole, our national bird, made up by a range of hummingbirds, bridled quail-doves and other species. Binoculars and a camera are definite must-haves!

Boat Tours

Experience Montserrat by sea – a perfect balance of adventure and relaxation. Let your boat operator customize an itinerary for you and be mesmerized by the beautiful and dramatic cliffs, coves and landscapes. Or take the popular, pore-raising Volcano Boat Tour down to Plymouth, Montserrat’s capital and get a surreal view of the buried city. View the abandoned ruins in the Exclusion Zone overshadowed by the awe-inspiring Soufriere Hills Volcano.

Food & Restaurants

There are those culinary adventures which can only be found off the beaten track, tucked away in tiny unassuming corners of uncommon places. So it is with Montserrat’s indigenous cuisine and fusion dishes. There’s so much to sample in just 39 ½ square miles.


Hiking is one of the most popular recreational activities in Montserrat. There are numerous foot paths that crisscross the island, many of which have been in use for centuries by persons seeking access to distant villages and agricultural land. There is opportunity for hikes of varying difficulty, length, and scenery.


Like most of the Caribbean, Montserrat has an affinity with sports such as cricket, football and basketball. The cool thing is that each major venue offers breathtaking views of either the sea, mountain ranges or the majestic Soufrière Hills Volcano, so that as a spectator you definitely get two for the price of one!

Water Sports

Montserrat’s stunning beauty extends down from its mountains to its beaches and then underwater to its vibrant coral reefs. One of the Caribbean’s really unique dive destinations, Montserrat is blessed with healthy reefs and offers the opportunity to explore them in a relaxed way.


Getting married is one of the most important and memorable moments of your life, so celebrate your special day in an unforgettable destination. From magnificent black sand beaches to the breathtaking mountainous views of the Soufrière Hills volcano, our island is tailor-made for you to say “I Do!”