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Montserrat is a melting pot of culture, creativity and talent that can be seen and heard in all of our festivals. Visitors and locals alike immerse themselves into the celebrations and enjoy the vibes!


St Patrick’s Festival is a 2-week long celebration highlighting Montserrat’s African and Irish heritage. It culminates on St. Patrick’s Day March 17, which is a public holiday.

Montserrat is the only country outside of Ireland to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day as a national holiday and it commemorates a thwarted slave uprising in 1768. Festival highlights include outdoor soca and reggae concerts, street parades, pub crawls and food fairs. Land and sea tours, hikes and a road race round out the slate of activities that make this a truly unforgettable 2 weeks!


The Calabash Festival has been linked to the iconic calabash fruit, a symbol of our African Heritage. It has been traditionally used to produce eating utensils, musical instruments, fashionable bags and decorative items. The festival includes a family fun day, hike, island tour, African fashion show, coastal excursions to the former capital city, Plymouth and a craft and food fair.


The village of Cudjoe Head was named after an 18th century slave who met a tragic end after being caught trying to run away. This annual celebration of Montserrat’s African heritage started in 1989 and the normally quiet village comes alive with the sounds of steelband music, iron bands, drumming and the masquerades.


The Alliouagana Literary Festival is a book lovers dream. Local Historians and writers showcase their talents alongside regional and international authors during this weekend event.


Montserrat is one of just two Caribbean islands to host the last Carnival of the year, as well as the first – it begins in December and ends on January 1st! This exuberant festival showcases the island’s wealth of talent, music, culture and history – the perfect climax to the end of the year.

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