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Montserrat offers the perfect work life balance with some of the most breathtaking views as your backdrop. Stay connected with the world from a safe, vibrant and friendly community.

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Montserrat’s landscape is of mysterious and startling contrasts. Zoom in and discover the people, history and wildlife that make this island hum.

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Although there’s no shortcut to get to Montserrat, it’s actually pretty easy. Both airline and ferry service depart from our closest neighbour, Antigua. Choose a flight from your city to Antigua, and then book a 20-minute flight from there to Montserrat. Alternatively, as a less expensive option, you may book the ferry: at minimum, a 90-minute ride. No shortcut, but no regrets either.

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Rendezvous Beach Picnic or Party

Enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the island’s only white sandy beach with a nice picnic basket filled with local goodies. Or make a truly magical memory and have a day tailored to suit your desires!

Hike to the Petroglyphs

The most amazing thing happened in 2016. Hikers on the Soldier Ghaut Trail discovered Petroglyphs credited to the first known people on Montserrat, the Amerindians. These markings in the rock are thought by archaeologists to be between 1000 and 1500 years old. They are a must see!

Buried City Tour

Montserrat’s most popular tour takes you to the island’s capital, Plymouth, which is like a city frozen in time. Although many of the buildings have been buried by ash and mud flows from the volcanic eruption in 1995 and 1996, some rooftops and other structures remain visible and stories abound. This tour is available only with a certified tour guide

Soufriere Hills Volcano Boat Tour

By far the most popular water-based tour in Montserrat! Take an exhilarating cruise along the west coast from Little Bay all the way to the Buried City of Plymouth – the modern day Pompeii. Learn about how the island was created and about Montserrat’s natural history. You will experience amazing views and discover up close how the island is actually growing!

Runaway Ghaut

Montserrat has some of the purest water you can hope to find anywhere. Make a stop at Runaway Ghaut and take a drink of the natural spring water to form that unbroken bond with the Emerald Isle of the Caribbean. Rent a car or ask your taxi driver to make sure you get to live the legend.

Hilltop Coffee House & Welcome Centre

Did you know that many of the iconic pop music albums from the ‘80s were recorded in Montserrat at Air Studios? Spend a couple hours viewing all the memorabilia of the artistes like The Police, Stevie Wonder, Sir Elton John, Sir Paul McCartney and Montserrat’s national hero, Arrow, who sang Hot! Hot! Hot!

Tel: +1 664 491 4455 or +1 664 492 1707 email: lead@candw.ms

Day of Discovery

This tour lasts 6-7 hours, and it is a fabulous way to visit Montserrat for a day or to begin your holiday. In addition to the regular guided tour, your guide will show you other points of interest at your request. The tour includes admission to the Montserrat Volcano Observatory and the National Museum, complimentary drinks and door to door service from your accommodations.

Montserrat National Trust

The Montserrat National Trust is at the forefront of preserving and conserving the cultural, historic and archaeological heritage of the Island. It’s also home to the Botanical garden where you can stroll through while learning about the island’s flora. Located in Salem, you can access it very easily if you have a rental car or you can contact any of the tour and taxi companies.




The top places to dine and top 10 must-sees are not your predictable, nice-and-easy kind of places. They may puzzle you and you may even do double takes.

But they are sights that will fulfil, change your perception, and make you appreciate the uniqueness of Montserrat!

honeymoon time


Celebrate your special day in this unique destination. From a magnificent black sand beach venue to a breathtaking mountainous view or even the backdrop of our Soufrière Hills Volcano. Complete this memorable day by tying the knot in Montserrat.

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This is a great guy! knowledgable, affable, highly reccomend him Sunny took us out to Plymouth and the sight of the volcano, with a few stops along the way. Great place for lunch, great 'hilltop cafe ' visit You won't be dissapointed
Sunny Rain or Shine Short version: We would do it all again! Enjoyable day excursion with engaging guide who shares wealth of knowledge about the island and it’s dramatic history. Picked us up and dropped us off at our doorstep! Very attune to interests of his customers. Nice job weaving humor and technology into the guided tour! Just do it! It’s a great way to see/learn plenty and get an idea of what you might want to explore more on your own afterwards.
Best tour of Montserrat We booked this tour ahead of our cruise instead on a more expensive excursion from the ship (Windstar Star Pride) and were extremely glad we did. Sun is a great guide, knows the island well and has connections you wouldn’t get with any other tour. Besides seeing the buried city as everyone wants to we were treated to his parents visitor center/coffee house and a tour and video at the Monserrat Volcano Observation center. The video was made by Sun’s father and Sun helped in post production. It has been used by National Geographic and is an amazing thing to see. Someone else on the island reported while everyone else was running away from the exploding volcano he was running toward it. The coffee shop is run as a non profit. Sun’s dad, David Lea, gives a tour of not only volcano information and his baseball memories (Toledo Mudhens) but extensive history and memorabilia of Air Studios Monserrat where 76 albums were recorded by virtually every superstar from the late 1970s to 1980s. The owner of the studio was Sir George Martin who produced the Beatles. One wall of the coffee shop is covered with album covers and there is a stack of those that wouldn’t fit. Across the room are two tables from the studio covered under glass with pictures of all the greats who recorded there. We also saw Paul McCartney’s and George Martin’s homes on the island. The latter is where the studio was and is now used as a bed and breakfast. These are just the highlights of a great 6 hour tour. By all means take this tour if you can! Don’t be scared off by warnings from the cruise excursion people about being asked for more money half way through. Sun is a great guide. Maximum on this tour is 4 people.
MarcusAndJodi T
MarcusAndJodi T
Best Tour I've Ever Experienced It's truly the best tour experience I've ever had (I'm over 45yrs, to provide some context). I can't say enough amazing things about the experience. It was educational largely because the guide (Sun) is such an amazing, warm and knowledgeable person. I was amazed at how drawn in I was throughout the entire tour. His depth of knowledge is remarkable. And he's incredibly accommodating. We asked about places where we might find local produce...instead of recommending, Sun took us there to shop during the tour. We mentioned at the start that we might not be able to do the entire tour because one of our kids needs his nap...Sun's response..."No problem. Whenever nap time surfaces, I'll drop you home and we can resume when they wake." The learning during the tour was great, observing Sun answer question after question with such detail, his friendliness and warmth, and his professionalism was awesome. Although you're not reminded of the "professionalism" becasue within minutes of getting into his pristine van, it feels like you're reconnecting with an old friend. Sun is a master at his craft. Visit the Hilltop Coffee House and you'll meet Sun's Dad David, at which point you'll see where Sun get's his talent for communicating and captivating an audience. Well done Sun...my family and I thank you sincerely for the experience you delivered. Blessings to you and your family!
Greg Reedman
Greg Reedman
Let's go back in time... What a wonderful, rich and educational experience! Thanks to Sun, although not born in Montserrat but who arrived at the age of 1!:), for sharing his precious current time and also taking us back in time to tell us and show us how his the place he calls home looked like when he grew up and has lived for the past 40 years - thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Sun's personality, knowledge, both driving (although I drove a lot in St Lucia, Grenada and Dominica I was happy that for once I am not the one driving:P) and entertaining skills (he has pictures how place we visit before which you had seen probably here but trust me they add up so much to the experience, he also has some sounds/audio background in various areas of the island, not to mention that he has a really cool personality and shares jokes and funny ideas for pictures; and when he says that you can take a picture of a toilet, trust me that one is no joke, that is actually a great shot!), I mean seriously this guy is a full package, the real deal if you want to visit Montserrat. I just can't recommend him enough - we have been traveling through Caribbeans a lot and we always explore each island we visit but I have never been shared this type of so personal and "intimate" knowledge and background of someones past and their home - the pictures don't give it justice, you have to go and experience Montserrat and feel it on the ground, go with Sun! We first went to the Look Out, then on the way to the Hilltop Cafe (it's the real deal), then stopped on the way to Volcano Observatory at the Montserrat National Trust, from there we went to Richmond Hill and then to Plymouth - the modern day Pompeii, which is a very fitting nickname 🙂 after that we went back north to Little Bay and took a nice drive up towards the Silver Hill to have a last nice look at the Montserrat from up high! Absolutely loved the day! Thank you Sun! TIP: Sun is super flexible, if you haven't had a breakfast due to early departure from Antigua or other place you are coming from simply ask to stop for a quick bite before you head out to explore the island. Also, we decided on picking up some small snacks and passing on lunch to accommodate more time on exploring the island. TIP: there are some stops for local souvenirs and also the small tiny store right by the airport as the local Bush Rum made in Dominica 😛
Stacey T
Stacey T
Best way to see the island I cannot speak highly enough of Sun's tour. He is born and raised on Montserrat and is very knowledgeable. He makes the tour very interesting and fun. Very nice, clean van with air conditioning and it was easy to get in/out of. The trip was easy to book on their website and both he and his wife are responsive to emails. We had a Private Van (just the four of us). His van can seat seven adult size passengers. I would rate this tour as the #1 thing to do on Montserrat. Be sure to include a trip into the exclusion zone, Plymouth.
Fabulous day with Sun Many people come to Montserrat from Antigua for the day, and a tour with Sun is a fantastic exploration of the island if that is the time you have. We however were staying on the island for a couple of weeks, had hired a car, and already seen a few places. We were prepared for the eventuality that Sun might just cover some things we'd already seen, and decided we'd just go with the flow. However Sun is such an interested, engaging, listening and accommodating soul (as well as being utterly professional) that once he knew where we'd been, he simply took us to where he knew we hadn't, finding nooks and crannies along the way and dropping hints of where we might find interesting to explore on our own. Montserrat is such a friendly, warm place that Suns warm, friendly character is just 'normal' - but we should emphasise that Sun goes above and beyond and really we felt we'd simply spent a day with an old friend. He even popped back to our accommodation to drop off a camera lens cap which he knew was ours - think of a similar experience in any city around the world! We cannot recommend Sun (it isn't Sunny, as I saw in other posts) highly enough. The trip to Plymouth for us was spine tingling, sad and nostalgic all at the same time. Sun brought this to life in a personal way that only someone who had lived here throughout could. If you're visiting Montserrat - this is the island tour to do!
Amazing experience Our Montserrat Island tour was outstanding. We feel so fortunate to have found this small company and its owner, Sunny. The tour was one we will never forget and we highly recommend this tour to anyone lucky enough to book it.. We saw the Volcano and its aftermath through Sunny's eyes as he lived it.Don't miss it!!!!!!! Hope Sunny will continue this tour for many years. Vic and Judy Kelly
Beatrix C
Beatrix C
Top Tour - An Unforgettable Experience! Sun is a delightful and knowledgeable guide who is clearly passionate about Montserrat. This is an excellent, informative and extremely enjoyable tour. Visiting the lost city of Plymouth, aka the ‘exclusion zone’ and witnessing first-hand the devastation wrought by the volcano was fascinating and surreal - all the more so thanks to Sun’s lively commentary. We also enjoyed learning about the island’s musical heritage and close links with The Beatles among other artists. If you’re unsure which guide to choose, choose this one - you won’t be disappointed. And be sure to book a few days in advance if you want to visit the lost city as permits are required.
Chris J
Chris J
Personalized Glimpse of Montserrat We arrived by sailboat and met Sunny at 10:00 near the Port Authority building in Little Bay. As a long-time island resident, he provided a highly personalized story of the island, complete with sound bites on the radio, timed to go along with his anecdotes. We learned so much about the volcano history and what it was/is for the Islanders, and also about the musical history that carries some big names. We all hope that soon the volcanic events will cease, and all can reclaim their homes.