Montserrat is guided by the Air Navigation (Overseas Territories) Order for the use of Small Unmanned Aircraft (SUA), also known as UAVs, Drones, Quadcopters, Model aircraft, etc.


Recreational users of small unmanned aircraft, sometimes called UAVs or drones, are advised by Air Safety Support International (ASSI) to pay more attention to safety issues. Now readily available from retailers, small unmanned aircraft, particularly the rotor ‘quadcopter’ types are popular purchases.

People flying these unmanned aircraft should understand that they are subject to aviation rules and should not treat the devices as harmless gadgets or toys. Drones should not be flown over congested areas, or within 50m of people or buildings. The rules are in place to protect members of the public from injury and to protect property from damage. Although relatively small in size, they also pose a significant collision risk to other aircraft if they are not flown sensibly. Anyone breaching the rules can be prosecuted.

ASSI stresses that users must take personal responsibility when flying unmanned aircraft and abide by the rules. This would avoid the need for prosecutions.

Click here to acquaint yourself with the rules.

Before operating a drone, users must contact the John A. Osborne Airport at +1 664 491 6218 / +1 664 491 4229