Imagine a place where five cars in a row are deemed as traffic, and where one main road stretches from north to south. No need for traffic lights, so there aren't any. Here are ways of navigating our roads, once you remember to drive on the left.


What do you do when there are neither bus schedules nor bus stops? Just stick your hand out when you see a bus of course! Buses, actually colorful mini-vans, will stop anywhere you like along the main road, and will even go off route for an additional fee to the $3 fare.


Taxis are available at the ferry terminal and airport. Otherwise, you may arrange for one in advance through your booked accommodation or one of our local tour operators. Please note that official taxi drivers wear uniforms and display IDs in their vehicles.

Taxi & Tours Operator Listing


If you bring your driver’s license, you can get a permit for US$18/EC$50 from any police station and explore the island on your own. We recommend you arrange the rental through your accommodation or directly with any of the companies below.

Daly’s Rental Services
E & T Rentals Tel. +1 664 496-4427
Equipment & Supplies Ltd.
Gage’s Car Rental or
Joel Osborne & Associates Ltd.
KC Car Rentals
Montserrat Enterprises Ltd.
M.S. Osborne Ltd.
Yvette Lee’s Agency or
Pickett’s Rentals
Tip Top Enterprises or


A fun, exhilarating way to experience Montserrat is atop a quad bike. Feel the wind in your face as you traverse off-road terrain.

Contact Ishmael Sweeney at Island Riders ATV Tours & Rentals.

Tel: (664) 393 3777