Forget bite-sized, the plates that you are served in Montserrat are of hearty portions - ones that encourage you to slurp and crunch to your heart's content. Makes the conversation louder and way more interesting.


The Attic

Located in Olveston. Known for its chicken and vegetable rotis as well as their quesadillas – ask for the shrimp. The owner of this institution, Mrs. Jeffers, makes the fruit beverages herself, from the ginger beer to the gooseberry juice. Open for breakfast and lunch only.

Tel: (664) 491 2008

Chit Chat

Located on lower Brades Main Road. Known for its extra-crispy fried chicken and curried chicken rotis.

Tel: (664) 491 2300

Emerald Rose

Located in St John’s. Known for Goat Water and Souse served on weekends.

Tel: (664) 491 5941

JJ’s Cuisine

Located in St John’s. Serves breakfast, including discounted coffee on Thursdays. Known for its cheesecake, apple pie and cherry pie.

Tel: (664) 491 9024

People’s Place

Located at the top of Fogarty Hill, with airy views of the island’s ridges. Known for its daily fresh fish dishes and Goat Water on Fridays and Saturdays. You will be warmly welcomed and served by the owner John Fergus.

Tel: (664) 491 7528


Located at the end of Little Bay with beach and cliff views. Known for its freshly baked coconut chips and Sunday barbecue lunches.

Tel: (664) 496 7788

Sips and Bites

Located at the entrance of Davy Hill. Known for its breaded baked chicken, stewed fish, spare ribs, and hot wings.

Tel: (664) 491 8110

Soca Cabana

Located on Little Bay Beach. Known for its Pelau and Old Plymouth Soup. Soca Cabana is open for lunch Monday through Saturday, and for dinner by request. The chef uses the freshest ingredients on-island to create fish, chicken, pork, and vegetable dishes.

Tel: (664) 491 5330

Nanny’s Cafe

Located at Ryan’s complex, offers refreshing local drinks, local cuisine to tantalize your taste buds. The relaxed atmosphere at Nanny’s is unlike any other; dinner for two or group meeting you will surely leave a fulfilled lasting impression.

Tel: (664) 491 8359
Tel: (66) 496 8359


Olveston Guesthouse

Located in Olveston. Dining on the veranda provides a view of spacious, shady grounds. Known for its barbecue buffet dinners on Wednesdays, “Pub Night” Fridays, and traditional roasts on Sundays.

Tel: (664) 491 5210

Watermelon Cottage

Located in Olveston, tucked away in an intimate, tropical garden. Known for its Sunday brunch. Customary menu offerings are veal, steak and pork loin. Reservations required for brunch, lunch and dinner.

Tel: (664) 491 5305
Tel: (664) 496 4131


Hanks Beach Bar

Located on Isles Bay Beach. Known for their garlic bread appetizer, generous chicken and bacon salad, and lemon-blueberry cheesecake. Live band on Fridays. Happy hour from 4:30 pm. Open Thursday through Sunday from 12:30.

Tel: (664) 415 3786

Hilltop Coffee House

Located at the top of Fogarthy Hill. Known for its morning brownies, apple turnovers and Saturday waffles with a spread of fresh fruit toppings. A do-not-miss is the Mexican pie, served with homemade salsa and sour cream. That’s just the food. The experience there is another story. Free WiFi.

Tel: (664) 491 5812

Time Out

Located at Marine Village, seaside dining. Known for its barbecued chicken wings, baby back ribs, and shrimp dishes. An additional perk is the slick bar scene. Try their signature Time Out and Pink Panther cocktails. We’re not responsible for what happens after that.

Tel: (664) 491 9046


Java Lava Coffee Shop and Wine Bar

Located at St. Peter’s. Known for its breakfast smoothies, buttery pastries, and lunch paninis. The frappucinos, however, are the talk of the island. The cosy wine bar adds to the jovial atmosphere. Free wifi.

Tel: (664) 491 5252

Snackettes & Takeaways

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Country Style Brades
Nostaljah Carr’s Bay
Nadine’s Jerk Sweeny’s
Mollys St. Peter’s
Breakfast by the sea Little Bay
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Martin’s Takeaway Salem
Karishma’s Indian Food Takeaway Davy Hill
King’s Indian Food Takeway Davy Hill
Ashok’s Indian Food Takeway Brades