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Our Carnival

Montserrat Festival
Festival - Our Carnival runs from mid-December until New Year's Day, and for many years this has been the climax of the year, when hundreds of Montserratians living overseas return to the island to reunite with families and friends and enjoy the festivities. Festival has many similarities with the carnivals held in other islands, and highlights the island's wealth of culture and talent.

There are calypso competitions, the Festival Queen competition, beauty and talent shows, and the parade of costumed troupes on New Year's Day, as well as Masqueraders dancing in the streets. As night falls, excitement builds up at street 'jump ups' informal dancing in the street, with exuberant crowds following a truck playing loud music.

In addition though, there are a host of other shows and events either with a live band or sound system, which often include choral singing (not to be missed), drama, and the schools performing arts festival. You will see string bands and steel bands also playing at some of the shows as part of the performance, as well as locally made arts, crafts and other goods on sale. Get hold of a Festival program if you are here in December, or ask your host to find one for you. Then you can take your pick of what to see and do.

Click here to download the festival calendar 

For more information and updates on Montserrat's Festival visit the MonFest website: http://www.montserratfestival.com/


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