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Montserrat's beauty extends below the surface as well and there are a number of dives sites around the island both for novice as well as for experienced divers. The coral reefs on Montserrat's coast offer a variety of tropical fish and other exotic undersea life, such as spotted rays, sea turtles and sponges.

The dive-able area reaches from Old Road Bluff in the west to the North West Bluff, around the northern shore line towards Hell's Gate in the northeast corner of the island, and then along the eastern shore towards the border of the Volcanic Maritime Exclusion Zone, more than 20 km (13 miles) of coastline. Montserrat's volcano had an unexpected effect on our coral reefs and the underwater world is healthier than ever. The pyroclastic flows, which flowed into the sea in the south have brought huge rocky boulders into the sea, new substrates for reefs while the ash was quickly removed by tidal currents. Coral, fish, sponges, and all the other creatures had time to recover from the stresses of human activities. Their larvae drifted with the currents and settled in the reefs of the north. As a result, we see our dive spots teeming with more life than ever before.

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