Celebrate your special day in this unique destination. From a magnificent black sand beach venue to a breathtaking mountainous view or even the backdrop of our Soufrière Hills Volcano. Complete this memorable day by tying the knot in Montserrat.

Getting married is one of the most important and memorable occasion of your life. Here, in Montserrat we want to make your wedding day an extraordinary and unique experience. With some of the most stunning sceneries you can choose to have an open-air volcano view wedding, a relaxing beach wedding or a traditional church wedding, we have the perfect place for you to tie the knot.

Couples wishing to be married, who are non-nationals, a minimum stay of 3 working days in Montserrat is required before an application can be made to obtain a special or Governor’s Marriage License. Application for the license is made through the Office of the Deputy Governor and contact should be made soon after your arrival on island so that you can be properly advised.

The following documents are required for applying for a Marriage Licence:

    • Original Birth Certificate of each party.
    • A valid passport for each party.
    • If one or both parties has/have never been married, he/she/they must provide a Certificate of Non-marriage which is obtained from the Registrar’s Office in the city where the parties live.
    • If one or both parties is/ are divorced, he/she/they must provide an original or a notarized copy of the Decree Nisi or Decree Absolute.
    • If one or both parties has/have been widowed, he/she/they must provide an original or notarized copy of the relevant Death Certificate.
    • If one or both parties is/are under the age of 18, he/she/ they must provide a written consent from the parents. The written consent must be notarized by the Notary Public.

Please note , a family member cannot sign the application form certifying that they know you.

The following is the procedure upon arrival in Montserrat:

A. To be eligible for this licence, one of the parties must reside on Montserrat for three (3) working days prior to submitting the completed Marriage Licence application form.

B. During this 3-day waiting period, the parties can take the opportunity to speak with the Registrar or Minister of Religion to arrange the time and place of the wedding ceremony. These details must be noted on the marriage application form. Please note the Registrar will inform you on the fees for officiating at the wedding during working hours and outside working hours

C. After the three (3) working days of residence has been established, the parties should submit the completed Marriage Licence Application form to the Office of the Deputy Governor (Consular Division), along with the required documents.

D. When the Marriage licence has been signed by the Governor, the parties will be notified by telephone.

E. The parties will then be advised to purchase EC$500.00 in Montserrat stamps (fee stipulated by law).

Deputy Governor’s contact:
Opening Hours: Mon – Fri 8:00am – 4:00pm
Tel: (664) 491 9202/ 6524

For wedding planners on island, contact the Tourism Division
Tel: 664 491 4700/4702