You will be surprised to know that the wildlife you'll encounter off the grid, is made up of globally threatened species and roaming farm animals. All are non-threatening, even our snakes and tarantulas! We'll introduce you to a famous few.


Agouti were introduced by the Amerindians as a food source before the arrival of Europeans. They remain widespread through forested areas of Montserrat.


The most everyday wildlife you will see are feral fowls, donkeys and goat. Although not predators, goats, and donkeys can affect forest structure and native plant communities through their grazing and browsing. There is a plan for controlling negative impacts in and around the Centre Hills.


Amerindians are also believed to have introduced iguanas to the island for food. They live predominantly along the cliffs of the island, but can also be seen in wooded areas. Like the agouti, they are not considered to have a negative impact on native wildlife.