Whether going under tank-less or with a tank, divers glide past a high diversity of fish and coral below. Anticipate close encounters with large fish such as nurse sharks, stingrays, eagle rays, and barracuda. Parrotfish add to the visual wonder.


Scuba dive the Montserrat Reef Project. It is a scientifically designed artificial reef using reef balls, which protect several colonies of the critically endangered and vulnerable listed corals. There are currently over 10 species of corals as well as diverse sponges, fish life and marine creatures. Contact Scuba Montserrat to arrange a dive.


Talk about pushing boundaries! Exercise serene control of your will power, your body and Mother Ocean on one breath. This is a whole new way of blending with marine life. No bubbles – the fish will think you’re one of them. Contact Aqua Montserrat for more information.


If you’re with young ones, or would rather not get that close to underwater life, snorkeling is the third option to enjoy our marine life. Contact either Aqua Montserrat or Scuba Montserrat.