The spectacle provided by our black sand beach is hard to describe: the fine black sand, the range of color from sparkling black to medium gray, the contrast against frothy white surf.


Plentiful schools of fish and vibrant reef make this beach a pleasure for snorkelers. It is also the most remote and only white sand beach on-island.


Here is another beach where pretty reefs and swimmable conditions attract bathers. It is also where up to three species of sea turtles can be found nesting in September.


Its consistently calm waters make this beach the island’s most popular. It is now enhanced by the recently built Marine Village restaurants and bars.


Formerly a popular spot where fishermen from Salem and Cork Hill came to catch and sell fish, it is ideal for swimming. Shaded seating also makes it a good group picnic spot.


This small beach is good for shore dives and sea turtle watching.


Drive through the colourful town of Look Out to get to this beach, often decorated with copperish red seaweed. Once a small recess, this bay has now expanded into a wide and long beach. Swimming is not recommended as the Atlantic Ocean bathes this side of the island. However, you can clamber up the rocks and gaze in awe at the view.