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St. Patrick's Festival

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Visitors drinking coconut water St. Patrick's Festival - March 8-17, 2014
St Patrick's Festival is a week-long celebration highlighting Montserrat's local culture and Irish heritage that culminates with St. Patrick's Day on March 17, also a commemoration of the slave uprising on that very day in 1768.

During the St. Patrick's Festival celebrations there's a simulated Slave Village with traditional local food on sale (the time-honored 'Slave Feast'), along with a revival of traditional games from yesteryear like hand-made spinning tops, story telling, and a kite flying festival.

Local culture and music are in focus and you'll be sure to see the Masqueraders (masked street dancers in traditional costumes, tall head dresses and whips) perform, prancing to the lively sound of fife and drum: a blend of African and European elements forged out of slavery. String band music, a traditional combination of instruments includes the banjo, 'boompipe', guitar, mouth organ, triangle, 'shak shak' and bass drum are also on show, along with steel band (steel drum) performances.





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