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Runaway Ghuat

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Montserrat's ghauts (pronounced guts) are deep ravines that carry rainwater down from the mountains to the sea. Runaway Ghaut is one of Montserrat’s more famous ones and is a popular tourist stop. Legend has it that people drinking the cool spring water flowing to the drinking fountain at Runaway Ghaut will be drawn to return to Montserrat again and again. The exact wording of the legend is “if you drink the waters from this burn, to Montserrat you will return.”

Runaway Ghaut is so named as it was used as the escape route in 1712 for the French when they were driven off the island once again by the English. The ravine on the other side of the road, where the waters of Runaway Ghaut find their way to the sea is called Frenchman’s Creek. Capt. George Whyke with a force of only 60 men held up the French of 3,500 men long enough for many of the inhabitants to flee to safety to the mountains.

The Ghaut also became of prominence when it came to the rescue of Montserratians in 1965. In that year there was an 11- month drought and many standpipes stood empty. People from the north traveled to the Ghaut to collect water.

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