Hiking our enchanting tropical forest leads you to trails that start at aerobic and go up to extreme. There is no easy here. To get more than a healthy skin glow and athletic feeling, go with our trail guides.


The trails start in our forest, Centre Hills, but do not all end there. They may lead to Jack Boy Hill, our look out point; or to Rendezvous, our only white sand beach; or to a bird’s eye view of the island. Whatever the journey’s end, know there are rewards along the way.


James “Scriber” Daley

For over 25 years, Scriber has honed his spectacular gift for identifying birds by their posture, flight style and vocalizations, and even the beat of their wings. He is also at the forefront of sea turtle conservation and collects data during turtle nesting. He serves as the go-to expert for visiting educational institutions and researchers.

Email: info@scribersadventures.com

Web: scribersadventures.com

Philemon “Mapeye” Murrain

Mapeye is the island’s natural medicine man who has worked for the Montserrat National Trust as a Botanist for 25 years. In addition to being a certified tour guide, he is also the official tour guide for the Trust’s garden.

You can book a guided hiking tour with him through the Montserrat National Trust

Email: mnatrust@candw.ms

Tel: (664) 496 1732

Hiking Guide

Distances and durations of trail segments
* Durations listed are average times only – be sure to leave plenty of time to complete your
journey before nightfall. All trails are one-way unless otherwise noted. Remember to arrange
transportation at the end of any one-way hikes unless you plan to walk back to where you

**Level of difficulty
• Light – moderate grade, generally even terrain
• Moderate – some portions with steep grade, some uneven terrain
• Difficult – generally steep grades, uneven terrain, long and steady climb
• Extreme – very steep grades, very uneven terrain, rocky, slippery when wet

Trail Name Duration Distance Level**
The Cot 1.5 hours 1.6 miles Light
Duberry 45 minutes 0.05 miles Light
Oriole Walkway 2 hours 1.3 miles Moderate
Dry Waterfall 1.5 hours each way 1.2 miles Moderate
Blackwood Allen 2 hours 1.2 miles Moderate
Underwood 45 minutes 1.0 mile Light
Katy Hill Trail System
Big River 1.5 hours 0.7 miles Extreme
Katy Hill South 3.5 hours 1.6 miles Extreme
Katy Hill North 1.5 hours 0.6 miles Extreme
Baker Hill to Katy 3 hours 1.0 mile Extreme
Jack Boy Hill 1 hour each way 0.8 miles Difficult
Jack Boy Hill/Katy Connector 2 hours 0.4 miles Extreme
Rendezvous Trail System
Rendezvous Beach 1 hour each way 1.3 miles Moderate
Rendezvous 3.5 hours 1.9 miles Difficult